Our Values & CSR

Respecting color is our social responsibility. More consumers are seeking transparency & sustainability in fashion and that becomes a challenge for fashion brands to supply fashionable, sustainably produced products.

In order to collectively embrace diversity, Respect color has taken up the challenge of developing a concept that is more than just another fashion brand but engaging at different levels of society in deploying minimal use of non-renewable resources and maximizing on re- use of materials & resources with the aim to improve wellbeing, environment and contributing to awareness on sustainability & responsibility.

The fashion industry is becoming polarized, and the sustainable fashion movement is growing. Consumer trends are growing; therefore, we start with sustainability as a goal.  

Our products are made from 100% organic cotton & we source for other materials that are sustainable or recycled. We aim to continuously & gradually eliminate materials and resources that are synthetic fibres derived from fossil fuels in clothing, accessories and packaging materials within our capabilities of control.

We want to share the love shown to us by our patrons and pledge to donate a percentage of the profits from each and every purchase to a charity that shares our principles of sustainability and positive human co-existence. We are continuously working on concepts to enable more partnerships with different charities and stakeholders that share common values of embracing diversity and inclusion.