Our Story

We are all unique, but we are one.  
The same, but all exceptional.  
One people. One planet. Of many colors. 
We value diversity.  
Champion equality.  
Embrace inclusivity. 
We are Respect Color.  

Like most great ideas, Respect Color hatched from a fun meeting of friends. The concept was big - to unite the world and address social issues - but the solution would start small and grow to realize its ambitions. 

Welcome to Respect Color, a fashion label that walks the walk of sustainability and social responsibility; talks the talk of equality and inclusivity; and shapes its products and process around the idea that we are one equal people on one planet. These are actions written boldly in red in our logo, the color of our shared blood.  

We make fashion that champions positive social change
and environmental awareness. 

Our home is the Netherlands, where creative industries and an inclusive, diverse community thrive. And, we produce our beautiful 100% organic cotton clothing in Portugal, to minimize our carbon footprint and guarantee fair working practices.  

As you can see, our actions are as bold as our words and empower our patrons to wear Respect Color comfortable in the knowledge that they are part of the solution to a better society and environment.  

In short, Respect Color is the outcome of the vision that we are what we wear and what we wear describes the people we want to be.  

This is the concept that we as friends created all those years ago; a fashion label that embraces diversity through sustainable fashion.

We are Respect Color.